Artist in Residence


Do you have what it takes to be Redbubble’s next Resident Artist?

We are always looking to collaborate with the best of the best! We want you if you are:

If this sounds like you, drop your paintbrush now, and apply! We want you in our office pronto!

This sounds awesome, right, but you’re not quite sure how a Redbubble Residency works?

Well, let’s explain it:

So, how does this project thing work?

Basically we want to hear about what you want to work on (this is where you pitch us a project idea), for how long (3-9 months), and how our Redbubble team can help you achieve that goal (what team would best suit your needs).

So, let’s say, you’ve been dying to illustrate a children’s book, or create an app, or design a how-to-guide for artists on how to market themselves those are all awesome project ideas and we would love to support you!

If you don’t have an idea of your own don’t fret, below is a bunch of things we need help with, pick one if you get stuck, and  tell us why you would be perfect for the residency.

Projects in Melbourne

Product Researcher - Our product gurus would really like the chance to workshop new product ideas and concepts. It’s great to hear from the artist’s mouth (that’s you!). This is your chance to work side by side with our funky product managers and see what goes into a product launch. Shadow the team and share back with the artist community all that you learn. (6 months)

Collection Curator - If you  have the artistic flare for trends in the art world - we need you! Our team would love to work closely with someone like you who has the passion to build beautiful online collections of stellar artwork that will be featured on our homepage. This is prime real estate and an opportunity to showcase amazing work on Redbubble. Also, it’s a chance to learn some basic Google Analytics and apply that to your own business strategy. (6 months)

Tagging Wizard - Help our web development team to research and define better ways to classify and ‘tag’ visual art and interior design, and curate examples of each on the site. This will be used in user testing and ultimately to improve the technology driving the search and discovery experience for visitors to the site. (3 months)

Art & Money - Managing finances for an artist can be a difficult task. This is your opportunity to follow short courses in basic money management with our awesome and quirky finance team. Basic tips and tricks on how to stay organised and optimise your planning for the future - and share with the wider RB artist community by dabbling in some blog writing and community work. (3 months)

Branding Badass - If you love doodling, this project is for you. We are looking for someone who can make presentations and documents look and feel Redbubble-esque, and for artists who have a flair for designing creative projects around the office. If you are also good at social media - specifically LinkedIn and Twitter, we would love to have your input in how we can make those areas much more creative, in order to attract top talent. (3 months)

Festival Officer - Melbourne is home to a constant lineup of creative festivals, there is almost always something going on. We would love to have an artist help us partner with different outreach programs and connect our Redbubble teammates with the outside world. This is your chance to work with large scale event planners, get your creative on and inspire our employees to get involved with what’s on in Melbourne. (9 months)

Deadline is May 26th, expect to hear back from us by June 2nd. If you are one of the successful candidates, you will be interviewed - GOOD LUCK!


Redbubble is not responsible for your costs and expenses or any immigration matters in connection with your participation in the residency program.  Please plan well in advance for the high cost of living Melbourne (if not locally based), as well as the potentially lengthy and uncertain immigration process.

By applying to the Redbubble Residency, I acknowledge that:

Redbubble will pay each Resident a stipend of $3000 AUD per month to cover costs associated with producing Creative Work/Pitched Project.