Fullstack Software Engineer


Let’s start the right way:

Research has proven that men will apply for a job if they meet ~60% of the criteria. However, women and people from other untapped communities generally only apply when they meet 100%. 

We don’t think that should be the case. So, if you’re concerned that you’re not ticking all the boxes, but think you may have some transferable skills that could help you ace the role, please just apply!

About Redbubble:

Redbubble was born in 2006 in Melbourne with a simple mission. Give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. In today's uncertain world, we’re helping artists and designers across the planet to generate an income stream. Last year we paid over $100m in artist royalties.

Our teams work hard to make sure that Artists creations are discovered, purchased, appreciated and shared and with over 60m items that’s no small feat. So no matter what you do at the company, you can feel good knowing that you make it possible for creative people to connect with their customers through designs they love.

Engineering Culture: 

The way we build software is a direct reflection of our engineering culture. Our engineering culture is centered around empowerment, ownership, and excellence. 

The Teams & Role:

We currently have mid level software engineering roles open in six teams. Our teams are purposely small so that we can communicate really effectively and make maximum impact with our time. We find it also makes our stand ups more practical & focussed.

If you have a preference for a particular team, please let us know when you apply.

The teams we’re hiring for are; 

Core - The Core team is really like the engine of the platform that all the other systems connect with. In the words of James our engineering manager; “We focus on building shared capabilities that allow other teams to scale, whether it’s faster product launches or minimising impacts of product changes. Roles in our team are less about grabbing tickets off a wall and more about working with the internal stakeholders to ensure that the platform delivers what they need.”

Marketing Platform - The team’s objective is to centralise our user data from all over Redbubble and set up tooling and systems to distribute it efficiently to marketing and other customer-facing tools.

Transactions - This team is responsible for designing, building and maintaining our APIs, systems & internal tools that power our critical payments, orders, fulfilment & pricing systems meaning we can effortlessly receive and process millions of orders.

SEO - The SEO team is focused on refining how we reach customers on Google and other SEO dependent search engines. They work closely with our internal search and recommendations team.

Loyalty - This team works on strategies to retain customers and bring them back to Redbubble after their first purchase. 

Search and Recommendations - Optimising the search & recommendation infrastructure, owning the quality of the search results & recommendations and technical aspects of SEO are all in a day's work for S&R.

What you’ll do:

What you’ll bring:

What we'll offer you:

We take our values seriously and work hard to build open minded, open hearted teams. Teams who reflect a diversity of experience, identity, perspective, and background. 

Bringing more creativity into the world? It takes all the crayons in the box. Differences help us create a healthy work culture and more engaging marketplace for our artists and customers. If this sounds inspiring 🤔, we’re excited to hear from you.