Artist in Residence

San Francisco

Do you have what it takes to be Redbubble’s next Resident Artist? 

We are always looking to collaborate with the best of the best! We want you if you are:

If this sounds like you, drop your paintbrush now, and apply! We want you in our office pronto!

This sounds awesome, right, but you’re not quite sure how a Redbubble Residency works?

Well, let’s explain it:

So, how does this project thing work?

Basically we want to hear about what you want to work on (this is where you pitch us a project idea), for how long (6 months), and how our Redbubble team can help you achieve that goal (what people would best suit your needs).

So, let’s say, you’ve been dying to illustrate a children’s book about an LBGTQ+ family, paint portraits of social justice heroes, illustrate an avante garde cookbook, or design a how-to-guide for artists on how to market themselves— those are all awesome project ideas and we would love to support you!

It is your project 100%, you retain full ownership and creative direction, we are in it for you.

What do I need to apply?

We have tried to make the application process as fun and simple as possible. A few things we need from you are;

Take some time to prepare, you have until January 31 to apply. 


Deadline is January 31; expect to hear back from us by February 28. If you are one of the successful candidates, you will be interviewed - GOOD LUCK!


Redbubble is not responsible for your costs and expenses or any immigration matters in connection with your participation in the residency program.  Please plan well in advance for the high cost of living in both the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the potentially lengthy and uncertain immigration process.This is an in-office contracted position, not a full time role, and the stipend amount is non-negotiable.

By applying to the Redbubble Residency, I acknowledge that:

Redbubble will pay each Resident a stipend of $3000 USD per month to cover costs associated with producing Creative Work/Pitched Project.